Firewatch Game Review

Firewatch is a game about a man named Henry who you play as the entire game. The game is a suspense and mystery game that takes you through an adventure almost as if you are watching a movie that you control. Henry takes a job as a fire lookout after a tragic incident in his life. So after awhile of being on the job, his boss Delilah, that he talks to over his radio, is his only communication to the outside world and will be his companion throughout the story. You can talk to her at almost any time you find something interesting, a locked gate in a cave or a couple of papers on a table you can talk to her about it.

The atmosphere of the game fits really well with the game because it is not a scary game, it is a suspense mystery based in looking around and solving what is going on in the world. Overall, the game was good to play and made for some moments where you just have to ask yourself what is going on and in the end it all ties up in a nice little bow. You can also look out for the firewatch movie coming out in the future if you're not a gamer.

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