Dark Souls 3

Dark souls 3 is an action role playing game where you play as a character that you create. You can choose to be one of the following classes knight, warrior, mercenary, herald, thief, assassin, sorcerer, pyromancer, cleric, or deprived. After that you are now the “hero” of the world and are called an ashen one or child of ash. One thing that you will notice when you start the game is that it is really hard. If you are not ready for a challenge as soon as you begin than be ready to lose a lot. The first enemy you encounter will probably beat you if you don’t know what you are doing. If your reaction time is slow be prepared to a bad time for there are so many unfair aspects of this game from high health enemies to really unfair boss fights and even ambushes where the enemy can do a lot of damage to you if you are not vigilant. The boss fights in this game are going to ruin your day especially the first boss if you are new to the series. You get into the first boss fight arena thinking “Hey this is going to be easier than I thought!” then you bring his health down to half and then the real fight begins. The boss is actually cursed and when the curse activates then whatever the curse is on makes them faster and more powerful. The first boss went from a slow moving and slow attacking to really fast, a lot faster swinging and his combos are longer. If you  can beat him then don’t expect the game to get easier. The difficulty only goes up from there. Here's a tip if you think it will be an easy fight then think again one wrong move and you will be sorry for it.The dark souls series isn’t really a strong story based series but is based on its difficulty and unfair mechanics to really attract a certain group of people that like a challenge.