This Month In History

On September 11th, 2001, America’s worst terrorist attack on U.S soil occurred. On that September morning, Islamic terrorists group, Al-Qaeda, hijacked four airplanes. Two out of four of the airplanes flew to New York to hit their targets, the World Trade Centers. Around approximately 8:46 a.m, the one stolen aircraft known as Flight 11, crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center, killing everyone in the airplane and dozens inside the tower. In a few seconds, cops and firemen were escorting people out from the tower. At around 9:03, the terrorists drove Flight 175 into the the South Tower, killing even more people than before.

While in New York people were evacuating away from the crash sites at 9:37, the terrorist hijackers crashed Flight 77 into the Western part of the Pentagon, killing everyone on board and approximately 127 people in the building. At 9:59 the South Tower collapsed completely to the ground. At 10:07, passengers on the Flight 93 heard what was happening in New York, the passengers of Flight 93 try to rebel against the hijackers which crashed the airplane in a field in Somerset county in Pennsylvania killing everyone on board. The North tower collapsed at 10:28, in total about 2,966 people died on that September morning.

Fifteen years later after that terrifying event, airplane security was raised to be stricter and more stern with checking bags and humans. In New York, they built a new world trade center and have a memorial service for the ones that didn’t make it that day. In Somerset county in Pennsylvania they made a memorial site for the ones that rebelled against the hijackers on Flight 93.