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Diary of a creative kid

Third grader Skyler Moskey made this puppet stage as a Book Share about The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever.


“Book Shares are where you build something and then you have to explain the book and you have to explain it good,” said Skyler. “You have to take some imagination and do some creativity.”


Skyler added that in addition to dioramas and puppet stages and whatnot, students can also use posters to convey their Book Shares.


Book Shares – two per marking period – are a regular feature of Success for All, our reading program in grades K to 8. They take the traditional book report to a new level that includes students presenting to the class.


Another regular feature of SFA is the Read and Respond. These are due every day in grades K to 8. “Read and Responds are where you read a book for twenty minutes and then you write down at least two sentences about what you read,” said Skyler. Students can write summaries or emotional responses or make connections or predictions.


“Team Talk questions are another important part of SFA,” said Skyler’s teacher Mrs. Danielle Callihan. Mrs. Callihan teaches fourth grade and SFA’s level 3.


“Team Talk is an opportunity for students to develop their comprehension skills within a collaborative learning framework,” added Mrs. Callihan. “The program also forces kids to find evidence from the text and practice other important reading skills.”

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