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Lowe's Heroes strikes again

They say that “lightening never strikes twice,” but no one told Lowe’s Heroes!


After donating two utility sheds to the school last year, the charitable team from the Lowe’s of Allegheny in LaVale was back again this fall with another donation for HHCS.


This time, the team left a new playground set, as well as a hundred bags of mulch, a couple of park benches, and a couple of garbage cans.


“I knew that the charter school doesn’t have a lot of money to work with, and they really appreciated our efforts last year,” said Mrs. Donna Sager, a Hyndman alum and employee of Lowe’s. “I’m just glad our organization was able to help out again this year.”


Mrs. Sager came to town with a crew that included seven employees from Lowe’s and the Lowe’s Heroes. A couple of them are shown in the photo above.


The kids took to the new equipment immediately and will continue to enjoy it during the elementary’s daily recess.


“It’s nice!” said third grader Cassie Johnson. “It has monkey bars; it has a fun slide. And the swing goes really high!”


Thanks also to Mr. Pug Shaffer. He led students and community volunteers who completed the assembly of the playground equipment.

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