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HOPE for Hyndman Charter School
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Remembering a great friend

This week our school community mourns the loss of Jonah Kindya.


An eleventh grader at HHCS, Jonah was a good student, a great friend, and a genuinely nice person who brought out the best in others.


“He always said you judge seven billion people on just the handful you met,” said junior Miranda Metzner. In other words, our behavior affects others, and it is important to be nice.


“Whenever we would say goodbye, he would say, ‘Always and forever, cut from the same cloth,’” said Miranda. “Which means, ‘We’re all the same, all made from the same cloth.’”


Jonah was a member of the school wrestling team; he also played baseball for the Hornets. Jonah also played trumpet in the band, as well as an acoustic guitar.


His friend and classmate Nic Smith added that Jonah also enjoyed skateboarding and music. He had an eclectic taste in music, ranging from metal to rap to country.


Nic said, “He was humorous, easy to get along with. He was always real.” For his part, Nic has made a real effort to help the Kindya family, starting a crowdsourcing campaign at The site has raised over $3,000 to help with funeral costs.


A memorial service is planned for December 4 at 5 p.m. at Wills Mountain Church of Christ. Students are also considering other ways to memorialize Jonah.

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