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Students go back in time

The Allegany County Historical Society recently delivered programs to elementary students in grades 1 through 5.


First and second graders enjoyed a presentation on the American flag. They learned about the history of the flag and also how to fold it properly. “Finally, they designed their own class flag using symbols representing their class,” said Ms. Amber Butcher, director of education at the Gordon Roberts House.


Fourth and fifth graders learned about Eastern Woodland Indians. “In the Eastern Woodland Indians program, the students tasted hominy, used a mortar and pestle to grind corn, made an Indian game, said Indian words, felt leather, deer skin, and sinew that are used to make clothes, and had the opportunity to touch many different Indian artifacts,” explained Ms. Butcher.


Fifth grader Kaylynn Pensyl said, “I like how we were taught old Indian games and we were able to see and feel some old Indian clothes.” Third grader Logan Deneen added, “I liked everything! We got to taste food and do different activities.”


Presenting along with Ms. Butcher were Ms. Amy Monaco and Ms. Lindsay Lindsay. Fifth grade teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Steele coordinated the visit with the Allegany County Historical Society. “We so much appreciate their taking the time to visit our classes,” said Mrs. Steele. “They made history fun!”


In the photo above, third grader Wyatt Walter grinds some maize in the old ways.

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