Enroll Your Student Today!

HOPE for Hyndman Charter School is a K-12 Public Charter School located in the Wills Mountain Valley of Bedford County, situated in Hyndman Pa.

Students enrolled in HHCS receive high quality education and athletic programs along with Free Breakfast and Lunch! For more information regarding enrolling your student today, please contact the school at (814) 842 - 3918!

Student Enrollment Policy

If your interested in enrolling your student, please take the following steps before visiting,

  • Call to set up an appointment with the Student Enrollment department
  • Bring all immunization records,
  • Child's Birth Certificate,
  • proof of Pennsylvania residents,
  • if applicable custody papers or a copy of childs IEP.

Student Enrollment Form for HHCS

If you have any other questions regarding enrollment, please contact the school today!