No Man's LIE !!!

No man’s sky is an open world universe simulator, where your goal is to travel around to the different galaxies in the universe to gather materials and upgrades for your ship and suit, eventually working your way to the center of the galaxy via two paths. One path would be the path of the wanderer, which give you no story line or plot, and gives you free reign over the universe to travel where you see fit, when you see fit. The other path would be the path of the Atlas in which you must follow a set path in order to reach the center of the universe while collecting atlas stones which when you collect ten makes a new universe which other players can explore. This is the main story on which No Man’s Sky is built on and it is dissatisfying and boring. 

When we first heard about No Man’s Sky was first teased in 2013 and was set to release in October 2015 but was delayed until August 2016. With this announcement fans got really mad at the developers. Many of the people on the development team received threats from fans who really wanted the game now. Not only did the fans threaten the development but Sony entertainment the creators of the PlayStation were telling them to get the game done soon or they would not release the game at all. So the game was rushed and many of the features of the game were left out like being able to build a base or multiplayer.

The reasoning for all the delays was they kept having problems at the office. First and foremost was the lead developer quit his job in order to make his own game. This put the team behind because they need to put someone as the lead developer again. Once that was done the following year their office got flooded and they lost all their data. Being forced to restart they began to build the game from scratch. And then they had the plan for a 2015 release date but that got pushed back due to it not being up to their standards. The soon after that’s when Sony came in.

Soon after the game was released more problems continued with the game and people were getting mad. The game was not as good as it was first intended because the game was bland at best. So you wake up on your first planet and it seems as if you had crashed landed then you choose your path and that’s the last bit of story you get. You then have to put your ship back together using materials on the planet. You can also meet aliens and special wildlife on each planet. This eventually this will get boring due to nothing you do with any of these elements of gameplay will advance the story. Sure you can explore and you could talk to the locals and they might give you something new at first but sooner or later you will run out of things to do. You may get the same blueprint for your ship 20-30 times if you play for a while. There are also only a certain number of encounters that you can have with the aliens before they all start becoming repetitive because there are only 3 major races of aliens which doesn’t matter which one you find because it is so easy for you to be friends with all of them.

But the game is based around exploration, so what about the exploration? Well to be honest it is fun, to an extent. What starts out as with a universe with 18 quadrillion planets soon becomes a game of the same barren planet with new animals. You might come across aliens that you might not have meant yet, but as mentioned earlier there are only three races. Remember the “story” of the game mentioned above well spoilers warning now if you don’t want to hear the end. Now that you have been warned what happens in the end? Well when you get to the end and you finally get to the center of that universe you get the great prize of…. Getting to go to another galaxy and start all over again. Nothing else just a new galaxy with new planets and all of the same races and materials. That’s why this game is a lie because the game was said to have so much stuff to do but, in the end had a lot of the same things just rehashed and over and over again to make you feel like it is new.