Election 2k16

In 2008, we elected the first African-American President in the form of Barack Obama. There were many divided opinions on President Obama. Many people thought that President Obama would be the worst President ever and would be the one to start World War 3. Others still thought that he would bring change to this nation and would propel us into the future. Yet, eight years later, the only major accomplishment of the Obama administration is the Affordable Healthcare Act, and even that is proving to be a farce. This year, we have been faced with similar opinions regarding our new President-Elect, Donald J. Trump. Again, many people think that Trump will lead our nation to destruction, while others are saying that Trump will lead our country back to prosperity. The race for the White House has proved to be a very close one, with Trump ultimately coming out on top. But enough about who won the election, let’s take a look at the individual candidates.

For the Democrats, we have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton. Early on in the race, Mrs. Clinton was deemed the favorite to win. Later on, however, things seemed to be turning around as the polls tightened and Republican candidate Donald Trump started gaining more and more support. Mrs. Clinton would also be struck by controversy, as the FBI investigated her for her use of a private email server that held classified information and could be potentially hacked by potential threats to our country. In my personal opinion, I feel that this controversy played a part in Mrs. Clinton losing the election for President.

For the Republicans, we have our new President-Elect, Mr. Donald Trump. At first, Mr. Trump did not initially run as a Republican. In fact, he started out as an independent. Later on in the race, however, Trump chose to align himself with the Republicans. Mr. Trump has also seen his fair share of controversy for comments he has made about women, minorities, and homosexuals and transgenders in the past as well as during the race. Mr. Trump has also spoken out against late-term abortion and the borders being open to Syrian refugees, with some of these refugees being potential threats to our country. He also has promised to build a wall along the Mexican-American border. In my opinion, Mr. Trump won the election in a similar way that Hitler did: by playing to people’s fears and prejudices. Whatever the future holds for our country, be it destruction at the hands of Trump, or Trump leading our country back to the top of the list as a world power, one thing is for certain: it will be Trump who will lead us there.